- Making a Small Hole Larger


Shell, I'm installing a new dead bolt security lock on my front door and now find that the existing hole is too small for the cylinder portion of the lock. I want to use a hole saw to enlarge the opening. How can I do this when there is nothing to center the saw bit into to drill the larger hole?


To enlarge the hole with your power drill and hole saw, C clamp a or piece of scrap plywood to the face of the door covering the existing hole in the door. Determine the center of the existing hole and mark it with a pencil on the scrap of plywood. Place the hole saw's center bit on the mark and drill though the plywood scrap and on through the door. The plywood scrap will act as a guide for the hole saw. It's Just That Easy!

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 21st, 2023