- Soundproofing walls


What is the proper method to sound proof over a gyproc wall to reduce noise from the neighbours TV?

In order to soundproof walls you must add a sound barrier to the inside of your walls. You must be prepared to loose some floor space on the walls.


1. Add 1/2" sound board or donnacona board to inside wall.

2. Install acoustical channel from ceiling to floor spacing 16" apart, screwing into the studs.

3. Screw 1/2" drywall to acoustical channel. This method will add 1&1 /2" to inside of wall. If there is a severe sound problem between rooms (ie: music rooms, etc.) you should consider adding another 2 x 4 wall on the inside full of R-14 sound insulation. This should be installed 1/2" away from existing wall then complete with steps 1-3. Requires 5&1/2" overall wall thickness.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023