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Dear Shell,

We just purchased a duplex that is approximately 7 years old. It has been well built by most accounts including the inspection service we used prior to buying. My question is we can hear some noise from our neighbors, usually from the second floor, (they seem to be heavy footed) and from the banging if they slam doors. I realize that we will never be able to completely have it sound proof, but I would like to try and reduce the noise as much as possible. Of course that would mean they will not be able to hear us as well. I have read about putting an overlay on top of the existing drywall, and also of drilling holes and pumping a sound baffling material into the walls, do I need to go that extreme? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dave

Dear Dave,

This is a very common asked question in multi family buildings. Unfortunately there is no easy way or inexpensive way to quiet down the floor membrane. Adding sound resilient channel to ceiling and two layers of drywall (sheet rock) is about the best or open up the ceiling and add Weathershield Sound Bar Insulation between the joists and re-drywall the ceiling. Call CanCell for more details on the Weathershield Insulation


It's just that easy.

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July 16th, 2024