- Cleaning acrylic stain from brick work


We have spilled exterior solid acrylic stain onto the brick work on the outside of our home. Is there any way to remove it?


1. When painting above areas where a misfortune could cause damage to sidewall or concrete surfaces always use drop sheets to protect.

2. When using acrylic latex water based products always dampen areas around walls and concrete surfaces with garden hose to protect from mishaps.

3. Any spills of acrylic latex paint should be flooded immediately with water. Alkyd paints need to be flooded with paint thinners.

4. When disposing of paint such as acrylic water based paints use a environmentally friendly paint hardener such as BioWash Paint Hardener.

Solution #1:

If brick is a fired glazed face brick then remove paint with a wire brush and heat gun. Propane torch could be used with extreme care. This will work for oil and alkyd as well as acrylic latex paint.

Solution #2:

If brick is cement based, first dampen with water and use Rinse or Peel paint remover. Scrub off with synthetic steel wool pad and rinse well with water.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024