- Stop the Possible Flood


Have you ever left your house for a period of time and wondered what would happen if the hot water tank was leaking or the toilet tank cracked or the dishwasher leaked ?

At our home we had the personal experience with the latter two items. Luckily with the broken toilet tank we were home and could shut off the water.

On the occasion that the dishwasher leaked, we were fast asleep upstairs. Normally we would have been unaware of the leak until morning and by then much damage would have occurred. However, I awoke to the audible sound of an alarm going off. What was it you ask ? The alarm was coming from the product called the Flood Stopper Valve which had shut off the water to the entire house when the sensor was activated. Since the Flood Stopper main control panel was blinking zone #3, I knew to look at the dishwasher. Upon removing the front panel, I discovered that the 1/2" copper pipe feeding the dishwasher valve had come off allowing water to spray under the dishwasher thereby setting off the sensor and shutting off the main water supply. This product was worth its weight in gold that night.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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May 19th, 2024