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Question from: Chris

Oakville, ON

Dear Shell,

My father-in-law has recently purchased a new home & has decided to finish the basement. He's wondering whether or not to put in a sub-floor or just put an underpad & carpet directly over the poured concrete floor. If a sub-floor is recommended, is a vapour barrier recommended & what type of sheathing is recommended, keeping in mind that he intends to put a pool table in the rec room. I've heard both arguments for & against sub floors & was wondering what a pro's advice would be. Thanks for your time & love your show.

Thanks, Chris

Dear Chris,

Yes it is advisable to apply a sub floor like membrane over the concrete. The best approach to this project is to use a product called Delta FL available across the country. Call 1-800-465-1668 for information. This is a poly dimpled product which acts as a vapour barrier as well as a support for the plywood subfloor. Good luck with your project.

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June 21st, 2024