- Removing masking tape residual from wood windows


My painter put masking tape around all my wood windows. This has left a huge mess. What can I use to make the clean up easier?


1. When masking windows for painting use a dry strip painters mask usually green in colour not regular masking tape.

2. Masking tape should not be left on glass for more than a few hours. If left on glass on south or west exposure windows the sun will bake it into the surface.


To remove masking tape residual use a glass scraper available from paint and decorating stores. These are designed with a special razor type of blade to not scratch the glass. Once the majority of the tape has been removed with the razor use a coarse cloth such as a piece of denim and contact cement solvent to remove the rest.

Clean glass with a window wash product such as CV9 (Clear view 9)

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023