- Wall panelling application hint


Wall paneling installation is very easy with the help of these tips.

1) When measuring for the number of panels required -measure the perimeter of the room and divide the measurement by the width of the panel to be used. Do not deduct for windows or doors unless they run from ceiling to floor.

2) To install start from centre point on a wall with no windows and work either way. This keeps the panel grain and grooving balanced on the wall. When installing over drywall use panel adhesive and coloured nails.

3) To cut out for switch and duplex receptacles, after cutting the panels to height and width use marking chalk or flour around switch or duplex boxes. Lay the sheet of paneling in place and tap over switch or duplex with palm of hand. This will transfer powder to back of panel outlining the piece to cut out with sabre saw.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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September 30th, 2023