- Removing wax from quarry tile


Dear Shell,

I'm in a mess, I have quarry tile (4x8) in the foyer, my wife put a floor wax on it a while back. It was nice for a while, but it started to have spots all over (like a wax build up) so I went to Home Depot and they recommended one of their stripping products, all that did is make it worse, it spread the wax all over. I returned the product and was told to get TSP. I read the instructions and went for it and when it didn't turn out I did it a second time, now my floor is worse than ever. It's "real bad" - it looks like a white film of wax all over on red tile. The area is 70 square feet. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Guy

Dear Guy,

Sounds like your wife applied a liquid wax containing silicone sealer. This will have to be removed by using solvents try a test sample of the following using (0000) steel wool and contact cement solvent or lacquer thinners. (Caution don't use solvent around any open flame or smoking) Rinse well with water. I am assuming these are glazed tiles; if not please do not try either of these. Contact your local tile retailer and enquire about a poultice for ceramic tile it is made by Ceramaseal.

It's just that easy.

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September 21st, 2023