- Weatherproofing


Weather Stripping is most commonly installed around walk-in doors and windows but there is an area often overlooked that causes a major impact on the home.

"Garage Weatherproofing"

Garage doors should be weather stripped especially if the garage is under bedrooms or any other living space. Cold winds blowing in and around garage doors can cause discomfort especially on the floors and by cooling the hot air furnace ducts running within the floor joists.

Using garage door weather stripping around the perimeter of the door on the wood frame and convex rubber door stripping on the bottom of the door will give you the weatherproofing required.

After you weather strip the garage door it is most important to vent the cavity of the garage as moisture such as rain, snow etc. from vehicles will need to get out by means of proper ventilation. This can be done simply by installing an 8 x 8 wall vent in two sides (i.e. front and back) of the garage allowing the moisture to evaporate and vent through the passive wall vents.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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June 21st, 2024