- Weeping Fireplace with Mushrooms


Dear Shell,

Our home is 17 years old. We have weepage through our brick fireplace. At one time our living room carpet was getting quite wet. We have since caulked around the outside of the fireplace. There are no visible cracks from the outside. A white powdery substance is developing on the inside bricks and hearth area. To add to that we now have some kind of mushroom the keeps growing out of the fireplace and into our carpet. We have continuously cleaned the carpets and fireplace. What can we do to stop this grow op? Thank you very much in advance.

Yours truly, Brian

Dear Brian,

You may be experiencing ground water hydraulics if your living room is below grade level. If however, your living room is above grade level, water could be wicking in through brick mortar lines as well as in ash dump area. The white powder is alkaline from the brick and mortar and this can be cleaned with T.S.P. and rinsed well with clean water. After it is dry, spray on Aqua-Seal available at Cloverdale Paint. Consider installing a Humidex Exhaust Vent System. Call Kevin at Vancouver Humidity Control 604-507-0269. If you want help with your chimney call our House Smart Centre Referral for the Father& Son Chimney Service. Call us at 604-542-2236

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July 15th, 2024