- Fencing hint


Today the most popular fence is the vertical board fence with lattice on top made of western red cedar or spruce.

For the best installation to give good neighbour privacy consider this tip: Use pressure treated posts (usually pine or hemlock) with concrete post set in the bottom of the hole and brace each post individually until concrete has set.

Fill in around the post with good drainage material such as Pit Run Gravel and tamp with the end of a 2x4.

Using 2x6 top cap and 2x4 bottom rail use 1" shiplap cedar siding or tongue and groove v matched cedar for vertical boards stopped into place with 1x1 cedar strips. These will retain the privacy feature even after the boards shrink when dry. The 2x6 top rail acts as a drip edge to protect the boards below.

If lattice is added to top of fence use 2x4 for top of boards and 2x6 on top of lattice.

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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February 24th, 2024