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You know folks you hear me say quite often good, better, best. Well let it be known, I use this term for a reason, to put the quality of a product or level of service into a category that you the consumer will have to decide dollar wise and at what level you want to spend your hard earned money. Lets take fireplace inserts for example:

Here are some facts on gas prices and consumption based on $8.79/GigaJoule, the latest BC Gas price.

Fireplace Insert:

30,000 BTU - 27 cents per hour
20,000 BTU - 18 cents per hour
15,000 BTU - 13.5 cents per hour
10,000 BTU - 9 cents per hour

Lets take a unit with Maximum input of 20,000BTU
Lower Fire Rate 6,500BTU (modulating)

Using a BTU calculator it is estimated that to heat a 750 square foot room with an average home insulation and double glazed windows you would need 5,800BTU to 11,700BTU per hour. Again don't forget about modulating thermostats up and down when needed.

Let's take an insert with an average consumption rate of 14,000BTU (which will likely be more than actual required) depending on quality of the home structure the cost is 12.6 cents per hour. In reality the average consumption would therefore be lower.

Regardless at this rate costs would be as follows:

Per Hour = 12.6 Cents
Per 8 Hours = $1.01
Per Month = $31.12 (using every day for 8 hours)

When looking for a gas insert, ask the question good, better, best what category does this model fall into ??

Article courtesy of: Shell Busey

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February 24th, 2024